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Basis for Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure should be an overall inspection and maintenance plan which bases on national governmental advise and national railroad laws regarding technical, security and safety regulations.

Our aim is that through maintenance

the railway network should be safe,

always ready for service and efficient.

Through cut of budgets it´s hard to fulfill governmental requests. Therefore it´s important to optimize procedures for maintenance planning and organization. This is where the Experts System BSG Infra is going to step in.

A need for a special solution for linear infrastructure?

Relating the location, special conditions and in many cases regarding the usage with respect to the use, Linear infrastructure projects are unique. Overall, such projects cannot compare with each other, having their own requirements and challenges, also in the data management.
Nothing is standardized; nothing comes off an assembly line. Linear infrastructure projects are special, regarding construction, operation and regarding maintenance. In each project, the specific challenges are noted and accepted. This also relates to the data management.
  • Localisation of information is the key challenge.

  • Data acquisition by using Apps on commonly available devices.

  • Variable Acquisition, adaptable to all customer requirements.

  • Adaptive solutions. We adapt our tools to your project.

  • Out of the Box. Lateral thinking and thinking ahead with BSG INFRA.

What makes BSG-Infra so special?

We can help to set up the necessary structures, technical or organizational.

It´s our aim to adapt our solutions at its best regarding technical demands and budget.

BSG-Infra bases on a modular principle, the user takes only what he really needs.

OUR AIM: Whatever expectation you can put into words, we transform into BSG-Infra.

Globally, through BSG-Infra we bring together our customers’ expectations and our expert’s long-lasting experience.

We don’t re-invent the wheel, we integrate BSG-Infra into existing processes as well as already existing third party software components.

It´s our outstanding Variability & Service!

BSG-INFRA Impressions

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love BSG-Infra

Mobile Data Collection

Collect data whenever being on tracks. Use Apps on your mobile. There are several apps available depending on your needs.

Simple and Easy

Visual inspection means to collect infrastructure condition data by service staff, by site staff or by maintenance staff. Everyone who is on tracks can collect data.

Customized Solutions

Variable apps design enables us to easily adapt a special solution to your needs and/or the type of data to be collected.

Adaptable to Your Expectations

BSG-Infra´s apps are designed based on a modular system. This modular structure makes it easy for us to set up a special solution which perfectly will fit your needs. Fast and costeffective!

Fast Data Transfer

Data buffering and transfer from BSG-Infra´s apps to our server runs automatically, independently you´re online or offline.

Data immediately available

Still today mobiles are not permantently online but you don´t have to worry about how to transfer data. BSG-Infra´s apps automatically transfer data and can be used online and offline. They work in deep valleys as they work in tunnels.

Geo-referenced data

To uniquely define the place where data was recorded, we automatically collect geo-referenced data from the location.

Your App knows, where you are!

Nearly every mobile phone is able to generate location information. We use this to combine any manual input with the goe-referenced data of the location where is was recorded.

Camera Integration

As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words, BSG-Infra´s apps use the mobile camera function to take pictures.

Take and send pictures

As nearly every mobile phone provides standard applications like  camera apps. BSG-Infra´s apps are able to integrate such standard applications and connect the data output like for example the images to the record of data.

Take your inventory Data

BSG-Infra´s apps interact with our servers. It can read data from the server and transfer updated data back to the server.

Use, what you already have in store

Our apps and servers interact. Any existing data like for example route lists can be transferred to the app, updates and new data can be uploaded to the server. Our system is as flexible as you need it.

It makes Inspector´s life easier

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Maintenance Planning Anywhere

WORK: Collect data for maintenance planning wherever you are, in your office or on site. WORK gives the freedom to collect and store data for maintenance planning at any time and any place. Later on, stored data can be matched and viewed in the BSG-Infra Viewer and/or transferred to process engineering tools like for example MS-Project or Inloox before the first split cut.

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Standardised Soil Description

Through DRILL, analysis of drillings and description of soil layers including description of the characteristics of the soil can be performed automatically. Depending on the type of soil chosen by the user, DRILL will led through selection fields to a layer configuration using logical interconnections regarding different soil class criterias.

  • up to 5 different soil classes
  • up to 5 soil subgroups for each class
  • up to 8 Tyes of Mixture and Adhesion
  • Bulk density in dependence to soil class (cohesive, non-cohesive soil)
  • Moisture content, colour in dependance of the soil class
  • Grading of pollution and particular disturbances like loaming
  • Special layer names, Pinpointing of geotextiles, freely definable additional information

DRILL data can be transferred in and viewed with the BSG-Infra viewer (LEFT image)  or it can result in an analysis (RIGHT image).

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More Details and Components


Who we are?

BSG-Infra is developed by Civil Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers having their focus on the Technical Expectations and less on Software Development.

It´s made from technicians for technicians: From measurement train to handheld, BSG INFRA has many interfaces and data transfer options as well. Keep it smart & simple!

BSG-INFRA is practical. It´s used to save time, to improve the safety of the data transfer and to optimize the effort and costs for data collection.

Skills To Be Used

Railroad Construction 80%
Condition data Collection 85%
Data Handling & Analysis 90%
Maintenance Planning 95%

Let´s take it easy...

... we keep it smart and simple!

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